APE Mobile for iPhone released

APE Mobile for iPhone released

The team at APE Mobile are excited to announce the release of our native iPhone app today. This will bring all the powerful features that exist in our iPad, Android & Windows 10 apps into a custom designed experience for iPhones.


So what is a native app and how is it different?

A native application (or app) is a program that has been developed for use on a particular device. This means that they take advantage of the features and hardware of the operating system and generally provide a better experience for the user.

For APE Mobile, this means faster performance and a better user experience, as well as the ability to use all features without an internet connection, which previously was not available through the web interface.


How can you benefit from this launch?

Apart from the biggest benefit, device choice, there are also many benefits for our existing customers and those that are considering APE Mobile.


More savings onsite, without the expense of a tablet.

Since launch our customers have enjoyed huge efficiencies by making their supervisors, safety officers and project managers paperless. Once these saving were realised customers responded by wanting to make everyone onsite ‘paperless’.


But this brings another problem to business owners; is it feasible to buy everybody on site an iPad? For most businesses this extra cost does not add up.


So to fill this demand we built the iPhone app to sit alongside our other platforms. People can use their existing phones and still have the same features as if they used the iPad, Windows 10 or Android App. This equals all the benefits APE Mobile, without significant capital outlay of iPads for every user.


More staff on ‘Operator’ level pricing

Another significant cost savings is the ability to get more staff on our lower tiered “Operator” pricing.


With increased demand to “make everybody paperless”, we responded with a new Operator level of pricing. Operator pricing allows businesses with occasional users (access to 1-4 templates), the ability to use APE Mobile at a lower pricing level.


Kantar Worldpanel recently indicated iPhones have a market share of over 35% in Australia, the UK and the US.  With the significant market share iPhones have on a local and international level, it is now easier to facilitate larger numbers of staff to go paperless on lower Operator level pricing. And with the release of our Android and Windows 10 apps, that are suitable for tablets and phones, we now have all devices covered.


Ultimate flexibility

There’s a steady trend towards use of multiple devices, with recent research from the globalwebindex suggesting digital consumers on average own 3.64 connected devices. In addition to this, 90% of multiple device owners switch between screens to complete tasks, using an average of three different combinations every day.  


People are increasingly switching between the best device to complete the task at hand; for example tablets are great for doing larger forms like daily diaries and large inspections, whilst smartphones are perfect for quick capture of a non-conformance, or issuing a permit in the field.


Having APE in your pocket makes that even easier than ever before, and provides the ultimate flexibility to use the best device for the task at hand. 

Check out the new app in the App Store and give it a try today.

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