Because doing paperwork sucks

Because doing paperwork sucks

This month I’ve seen some serious paperwork, done by even more serious people. I was on two completely different projects, one a massive new build hospital, the other a small civil project. The thing they had in common was ISO accredited site paperwork, in both cases a massive manual task, and in both cases making people seriously grumpy.


39,000 checklists & room data sheets

But in just two weeks the team on this massive new hospital, with 3,900 rooms/spaces, went from printing and manually handling around 39,000 checklists and room data sheets (5 Inspections with printed RDS & Checklist) to electronically capturing inspections (a massive saving) and most importantly automating the resulting action items (a huge saving).

I’ve never built a hospital, so hats off to those that do. I can’t begin to imagine handling that much paperwork, never mind going through every sheet of paper and managing the comments to pull out the ‘OUTSTANDING WORKS’, ‘DEFECTS’ & ‘AS BUILT DATA’. It’d definitely put me in a bad mood.


Outstanding Works & As Built Data

So now they’re using APE Mobile, they’ve got the whole process wrapped up on iPads, with everything linked to their 3,900 rooms via a complex work breakdown structure, with all the actions registered and managed automatically, surely they’re much happier?

After seeing the app in action, the Senior Foreman gave me some classic understated feedback ‘I’m happy with that’, he said with a wry smile.


Daily Diaries, Toolbox, Pre-Starts, Checklists etc

The feedback I got on the civils project was even more understated. I’d visited a Site Supervisor on a mains water job who was telling me how he’d strongly objected to using an iPad, stating he couldn’t even use his phone (insert your own expletives). His employer has transferred their 40+ templates (Daily Diaries, Toolbox, Pre-Starts, Checklists etc) to APE Mobile, along with all site drawings, specs and data sheets.

Now he’s had our app for 6 months, I asked if it was better than doing the paperwork, he said ‘yeah’, I waited for a little more but nothing came so I probed further, ‘You prefer the app to paper?’, ‘Ah s##t yeah’ was the response, with an almost imperceptible grin. I’ll take that.

So if site paperwork is making you grumpy, we might just be able to almost crack a smile on your face too. Visit our case studies page for more practical examples of the appin action.

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