How Cloud Software Can Help with Business Insights

How Cloud Software Can Help with Business Insights

Benefits of cloud software

While their motivations vary, businesses of all sizes, industries, and geographies are turning to cloud services. Cloud computing technology and the “as a service” business model are transforming the ICT ecosystem and while organizations are still dipping their toes into the possibilities, this is about to quickly accelerate.


The benefits to cloud computing are enormous and include:

  • Cost saving in labour, hardware, offsite storage and no. more. overtime!
  • Save time by easily searching data and eliminating double handling.
  • Increased collaboration and off-site working availability.
  • Increase in accuracy because everything is legible and documents cannot be damaged or lost.
  • Every transaction is recorded which increases accountability.
  • Data that can provide insights for enhanced business intelligence.


The ease of finding data in software

The fantastic thing about cloud computing is the ease of organisation and search. The search functionality using keywords, tags and project numbers is extremely beneficial while all being stored in the one place. In keeping data organised, accurate insights can be extracted.


Instant insights for future planning

Businesses can no longer wait a few months to see results through data and this is where cloud software comes in. By giving an instant route to data insights and analytics, businesses will have the ability to make smarter business decisions resulting in higher profits and happier customers. Separately, predictive analysis and cloud software are changing the way organisations do business, but together, they open up a wealth of opportunities. In the next 12 months, there is an anticipated increase that 78% of businesses will implement cloud software specifically for the use of insights, resulting in predictive analysis and business intelligence. This will give businesses significant value, pushing them ahead of their competitors.

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