Four reasons we built APE Mobile for Windows 10

APE Mobile For Windows 10 On A Rugged Tablet

Four reasons we built APE Mobile for Windows 10

We are excited to share the latest release of APE Mobile for Windows 10.

As a group of fanatical customer-centric enthusiasts, this new release is in response to our many users requesting a mobile Windows version. And with good reason.

While we love our iPads, there are a bunch of reasons it made sense to build a version of APE Mobile for Windows tablets. Because professional Windows tablets use a full PC operating system, a powerful range of extra features can be brought out on site with you. Here are four reasons Windows tablets make sense for running APE Mobile:


1. More device choice for greater on-site flexibility


This means in the hands of tradies and on work sites which can be particularly punishing to electronic devices, APE Mobile can be run on ruggedized tablets especially designed to survive rough treatment.

Brian Nadel at Computerworld says it well:

Rugged tablets offer reinforced frames, tough skins, watertight seals, hardened glass, soft corner bumpers and major components that are shock-mounted. In other words, if ordinary consumer tablets can be considered sports (or economy) cars, rugged tablets are tanks.

Read more about rugged Windows tablets here:


2. IT departments will love Windows 10’s latest focus on security


With data protection becoming a bigger focus for businesses everywhere, your network administrators will be happy setting up mobile Windows 10 based devices.

Juan Martinez at PC Mag tells us why:

Mostly focused on security, the IT-focused Windows 10 Updates are minor tweaks that won’t upend the user experience (UX) but they are likely to put a smile on the face of IT administrators and their bosses. The changes, which are primarily (but not exclusively) security-related, are designed to simplify data protection, improve workflow management, and enable remote collaboration.


3. Snap view for split-screen productivity boost


Being able to run two apps next to one another can be super handy when comparing a document or image while filling out your form in APE Mobile.

Over at Tech Republic, they said:

With Windows 10, Snap has really become a truly slick feature. You can now snap windows to the four corners and the two windows in a split-screen formation.


4. Multiple user logins to allow many people to use the same device


As tablets are designed from the ground up as portable devices, they are ideal for passing around to others on site. Windows lets multiple people use the device, whilst keeping their data and settings separate.

Computer World has a good explanation:

When someone is signed in, Windows 10 saves the state of that person’s user account — which applications the person was running, the files they were working on and so on. That way, when he switches back to using the account, everything will be in place, and he won’t have to waste time launching apps, opening files and so on.


There are also a bunch of other benefits you will see from running Windows tablets including:

  • Docking stations
  • Better collaboration
  • Outlook and other Office software
  • File encryption
  • Full-blown file manager
  • Run any browser

Although for many APE Mobile users, iPads are more than sufficient for on-site work, we appreciate there are cases where Windows tablets have their place. If you have any questions about getting setup on Windows tablets, feel free to contact the APE Mobile team. Otherwise, you can get started now via the Microsoft App store:


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