Managing construction projects

As a construction manager, you want to maximise profit, reduce risk, and provide effective leadership to your project teams.

Make better decisions in the field

Prevent time and budget overruns

Enforce safety standards

Improve project governance

Avoid delays and reduce rework

Optimise productivity and prevent margin erosion

APE Mobile has the answers

Reduce business risks

Make better decisions in the field

Minimise budget blowouts

Reduce Business Risks

Key issues in construction

Declining Margins


Net margins for highway, street and bridge construction has fallen from 7% in 2006 to 2% in 2013.1

High cost overruns


Two out of three project overrun budgets by more than 10%, and 3 out of 4 exceed budgets by more than 10%.2

Low digitalisation


Construction is one of the least digitalised industries, with tech spending at less than 1% of revenue.3

Construction projects are risky and complex. There are safety issues, labour shortages and massive cost overruns. Declining margins and a resistance to adopting technology are commonplace.


Using APE Mobile can lower business risks, reduce rework, simplify processes, and improve cash flow.

  • Construction managers gain a real-time understanding of what’s happening in the field.
  • Your teams can achieve operational, safety and quality goals more effectively.
  • It’s easier to evidence everything and create a full audit trail.
  • Companies can reduce business risks and legal liability.

1. Highway, street, and bridge construction (NAICS 237310) industry trends (Sageworks) 2. Global Construction Survey 2017 (KPMG) 3. Imagining Constructions Digital Future (McKinsey & Company)

Make better decisions in the field

Field workers have limited time to make the right decisions.

Project information sits in different places with different people. It’s complex and time-consuming to manage information flow. Without good information, decision making and outcomes can be compromised.

With APE Mobile:

  • Streamline information capture so your teams can focus on their core work.
  • Provide your workforce with easy access to the right information.
  • Everyone understands what’s going on.

Minimise budget blowouts

Causes of budget blowouts

Lack of Communication

Inconsistencies in Paperwork

Lack of Coordination

Budget blowouts result from poor onsite communication, disjointed information flow, and lack of coordinated follow-through. Rework alone can account for up to 20% of costs.


Obligations for operational and safety compliance generate massive administrative tasks. Many companies struggle to keep on top of the required paperwork. When information doesn’t get to the right people at the right time, delays, damage and loss can increase.   Having a clearer idea of what is happening helps you keep projects on track

With APE Mobile:

  • Everyone’s instantly on the same page with minimal miscommunication or delays.
  • Construction activities progress more quickly, and invoices can be sent sooner to improve cash flow.
  • All to increase project profitability and minimise margin erosion.

Help your workforce succeed in the field

Site Assitant iPhone X 05 (2)

Get answers with AI Site Assistant

Ask a question and get it answered instantly to make better decisions in the field.


Capture data intelligently

Manage all your site paperwork in one place. We’re the only app that can handle it all.

Annotate Photos

Communicate more clearly

Annotate photos, capture GPS, and with auto-sync; everyone’s on the same page.

Digital Signatures

Collaborate better

Instant markups allow everyone in the field and head office to be on the same page for faster follow-up with less mistakes.

Risk Matrix

Enforce better safety

Improve the inspection process and manage all safety forms from one place

iPhone-X-Silver-Non Conformance

Improve quality management

Embed quality processes in all project stages to help your teams succeed

Understand what’s happening on site—today.

Your new journey of excellence in construction begins with a single step. We’ll help you get started for free.