Managing work health and safety

Everyone agrees in principle that safety is important. The challenge lies in implementation. How do you get consistent buy-in on Safety First practices in the field? How do you:

Get site workers to work safely with less work disruption and more ease?

Implement effective safe practices that create less admin work, not more?

Reduce grunt work plus maximise the value of inspections and safety reports?

APE Mobile has the answers

Supercharge your safety compliance

Harness real-time data to continually improve safety

Gain instant insights and take quicker corrective actions

Supercharge your safety compliance

You know the value of safety on site. However, getting field teams to form good safety habits can be hard work. If following safety procedures is seen as hindering their ability to get the job done, you’ve got an uphill battle. Non-compliance increases the risk of injury, and can have serious reputational and legal ramifications.

With APE Mobile, you can boost safety outcomes in the field:


  • Making it easier to comply with safety procedures through simpler workflows.
  • It takes less time to achieve more with safety alerts, inspections and follow-up actions.
  • Share updated templates globally for consistent use, and gain instant version control.
  • It’s easier to produce insightful reports to make better decisions.
  • Be more effective in creating Safety First habits.

Harness real-time data to continually improve safety

iPhone-7-iPad-Pro-horizontal Action _ Punchlists

When it takes effort to complete safety tasks, onsite teams are less likely to comply. Safety issues can fall through the cracks. There is no clear picture of your safety scorecard. Potential hazards are left unnoticed until bigger problems surface. This threatens human safety as well as project profitability, company performance and industry reputation. It also makes inspections a painful process.

It’s easier to assert safety priorities in the field. Address safety issues quickly before they become more serious problems.

  • Embed safety practices in work processes.
  • Setting up smart alerts makes it easier to investigate and fix safety issues fast.
  • Senior management can be notified directly when more serious incidents occur.
  • Gain real time visibility of what’s happening on site.
  • Spot recurring non-conformances early. Know if the issue is with a specific task, contractor or project.

Gain instant insights and take quicker corrective actions

Actions and Punchlists

Poor data availability can make it hard to spot growing safety concerns, identify causes of accidents, and plan the best corrective actions. Manual data collection comes with a higher risk of inaccuracies and mistakes. Data has to be pulled from multiple sources, calculated and compiled. This makes safety reports time-consuming to produce.

With APE Mobile, Spend less time compiling reports and more time reviewing findings to gain better insights, and communicating learnings.

  • Make better decisions to move projects forward.
  • Set up auto-calculations and instructions to mine data.
  • Harness AI to ask questions and get instant answers.
  • Reduce business risks and improve audit outcomes with better evidencing.
  • Know where gaps in safety lie and what action to take.
  • Facilitate training and continual improvement.
  • Protect people and the company from costly litigation.

Conduct robust inspections easily

Risk Matrix

Manage all forms from one place

ITPs, JSAs, SWMS, Toolbox talks and more.


Capture precise information

Capture precise information on who is doing what where when and where.

Annotate Photos

Communicate non-compliance

Communicate non-compliances clearly for quick and effective follow-up.

Digital Signatures


Complete accountability with full audit trail


Processes and drawings

Get your safety processes and drawings out into the field, however remote.

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Auto-raise actions

Auto-raise actions from inspection and manage the item to closure.

Easier ways to achieve better safety outcomes

Built-in Workflows

Timely hazard alerts keep safety at the top of your construction teams’ minds. Weave safety habits into every stage of your project. With APE Mobile, you can set up auto-notifications for serious safety issues. Raise corrective actions and report incidents in near-real time, with clearly annotated instructions. Help your team respond fast and boost your safety metrics.

Reduce risks & streamline audits

APE Mobile’s quick and easy ways to check for compliance helps you manage risks better. Tier 1 contractors aren’t the only ones who must meet high standards. Subcontractors who do too gain a huge competitive edge. APE Mobile makes the auditing process a breeze.

Easier way to enforce safety in the field

“Gone are the days of needing to chase supervisors for outstanding timesheets, Job Safety Analysis (JSA) forms or daily progress forms!”

~Shin, Civil Assist

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