Product Update: Inline Photos

Product Update: Inline Photos

After popular demand a new feature has been released to enhance how photos can be attached to forms; Inline Photos. This feature allows photos to be added to specific fields within forms when inputting text data. All of the attached photos can be annotated with drawing tools and have captions. Places in the app where inline photos can be added are:


  • Question areas
  • Text areas
  • Text fields
  • Read only fields
  • Geolocations



One simple use example is with evidencing real-time progress for clients. Creating customer facing reports within a matter of minutes, with complete up to date information keeps clients happy and increases the likelihood of repeat business as a result. There is no longer a need to use cameras, download the images, resize and add into the report which is all very time consuming. Photos will automatically resize and stay in place when exported.  


In addition, inline photos can also prove beneficial for site inspections. There is a heavy responsibility on Site Inspectors to provide legitimate and up to date data from their inspections. With this in mind, Inspectors are also pushed for time and cant afford to use inefficient systems. Being able to instantly attach photos to the form is of great benefit. This saves the inspector time both on site and in office, allowing the overall process to become less challenging.


Another use case example is site variances. When disputes occur between parties, you’re able rewind time to show forms and photos taken at a specific time and day. Leveraging inline photos for this reason could save hundreds of thousands, ultimately saving the bottom line.


Please note, to use this feature it needs to be turned on in the template set-up.

Please click here for a link to the support article.





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