Product Update: APE Mobile’s Integration with Viewpoint’s Vista & Spectrum (Via Ryvit)

Product Update: APE Mobile’s Integration with Viewpoint’s Vista & Spectrum (Via Ryvit)

APE Mobile is excited to release our beta integration with Viewpoint’s Vista and Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum. The integration allows a two way connection, instantly extending the capabilities of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This will facilitate near real-time access of data from site to office, allowing enhanced project management and financial insights for accurate future planning and forecasting. This integration is via our partner Ryvit.


Viewpoint is a provider of innovative construction software solutions to the global construction and capital project industry. They have created tools that improve project profitability, visibility, manage risk and facilitate effective collaboration between the whole team. In July 2017, Viewpoint acquired Dexter + Chaney, becoming the industry leader in the construction software.


Viewpoint’s software enables the seamless centralisation of information with complete visibility, providing secure, fully interactive data across an organisation. Specifically, it reduces risk, improves workflows and increases project quality. Now Viewpoint customers can combine the power of their ERP with the best paperless site app for the construction industry.


Key benefits of the integration:

* Connect key information from paperwork and forms, to site data and drawings.

* Near real-time to make important decisions fast (not in days or weeks!)

* Gain insights and identify problems before they happen, with powerful dashboards and reporting tools

* Two-way integration keeping site and office in sync

Viewpoint continues to be one of the most important ERP providers in the construction industry, recently totalling to 8,000 customers worldwide with more than 500,000 daily users. These customers include 46% of the ENR 400 and 34% of the ENR 600.


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