Product Update: New Web Interface

Recently, we revamped our Web App interface for our customers. This update gave a cleaner look and feel, benefiting users to navigate with greater ease. So, let’s take a look at what’s new!



The new dashboard shows a graphical summary of the selected project and project administration buttons. This is extremely beneficial for current and future project planning, as well as easing administration duties.



Communication & Help

We have simplified how you can communicate with us when you may have questions. You can now instantly message us through the app and receive a response within minutes. This gives customers fast and efficient communication, so that time can be spent on more important projects.


Contextual Help

Rather than searching for information, we have installed help buttons that you can click and receive instant information for on that certain area.




  • Greater similarity to the mobile app
  • More space by automatic minimization of left-hand menus when they are not in use
  • Renamed “Reporting Tables” to “Custom Exports”
  • Support portal
  • Admin Functionality is now under an Admin menu

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