How to get your team on board with construction software

How to get your team on board with construction software

One of the biggest challenges with software adoption is getting the entire team on board quickly and effectively. Whilst in every workplace there will be enthusiastic early adopters, (tech savvy users who see the direct benefits immediately) it’s the reluctant users that need additional support, training and development to ensure success across the board.

Whilst many modern apps are intuitive and designed for smooth uptake, even among users who are unfamiliar with such a program, there are some significant steps you can take to ensure complete uptake across a project, team or business as a whole.


Position technology as an advantage for the end-user

Getting each and every employee on-program is no easy task, especially when it comes to new ideas, procedures and even new technology. All of these components require training and proper protocols. Managers, supervisors and trainers understand that compliance is critical in industries where mistakes could be costly and dangerous. However, they also know it can be frustrating to experience a slower pace of change.

Positioning the change as an advantage for employees in their day-to-day routine is the best way to begin. The brutal truth is that employees may not be concerned about how new technology benefits the company or its shareholders. Framing change as a benefit to them is a great way to pique their interest and convince them to give it a try.


Patience and Encouragement

At the same time, not everyone is naturally inclined to adopt new ideas and procedures with ease. With such high prevalence of technological difficulties among people who prefer to deal with a problem head-on as opposed to studying it, there will always be people who don’t want to cope with change. The only way to get through to them is with patience, and by constantly pointing out how their early adoption of the technology will be a direct benefit to them on a day-to-day basis.

Let employees new to the program know that the company worked hard to locate a setup that is user-friendly. Automating construction paperwork means there will be enhanced communication between departments, fewer clerical errors and fewer decision-making delays. This helps to reduce the day-to-day stress employees feel when their project stalls or miscommunication causes them to make mistakes.


Offer a compelling vision of the future

If you need employees to embrace a new program or set of habits, make sure you offer them a compelling vision for how their future will look. You must be completely comfortable with the program and able to explain its functionality in great detail. Any anxiety or misgivings you have about making this change will transfer to the people you are trying to bring up to speed.

The best way to present new technology is with the tone that it will make employees’ lives better. Make a list of tangible ways in which that will happen for them. Will it make them more productive and reduce late nights and weekend work? Will their productivity increase result in more pay?


Training & Development

When it comes to training, one size does not fit all. The easiest way to know how an individual learns best is to ask them. Don’t waste time trying to walk someone who is very tech-savvy through a full-day training course designed for beginners. When teaching, offer support when needed. If an employee prefers one-on-one time and needs a bit more attention to understand their new role as it applies to the program, give it to them willingly.

Integrate the new technology into the company’s day-to-day routine as soon as possible. Institutionalizing new procedures helps make the transition part of the job. When you see a positive impact that is the result of an employee adopting the new way of doing things, highlight that change and praise the employee. Sometimes, you have to make a case for change that goes beyond “because we said so.”


Ongoing Support

Ongoing support helps minimize friction as employees adopt the new system. This is because effective managers and trainers understand how to be empathetic to their employees’ struggles and will lead by example. There will be challenges, but focusing on the eventual positive outcome is an ideal way to maintain focus during the early stages.

Rewarding and recognizing early adopters among employees is a great way to inject some fun into an otherwise awkward transition. Everyone is in the same situation, so why not gamify the environment and offer tangible rewards for people who have a great attitude about it? Consider recognizing those outstanding employees with perks, small gifts, recognition or some form of elevated status.



Technology that is intuitive, useful and approachable will ultimately make a huge positive impact on the company and its employees. Everyone wants to know how the change will affect them and exactly how it will make their life easier. Offer that information upfront and enjoy a smooth transition.

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